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Check Out One of Our Many After School Programs

A&W Daycare offers a wide variety of programs. These programs range from after school care, to infant and baby care. COntact us today to learn more about the programs that we offer and how they would make an excellent fit for you and your child.

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Academic Enrichment


At A&W Daycare, our mission is to create an environment that supports the learning process and reinforces the education that children learn in the classroom.

After School Programs

The programs offered are proven ways to increase engagement and ensure that children are given the tools they need to be successful. We use a high school curriculum!

+ Literacy and Reading

+ Educational Games
+ Puzzles and Problem Solving
+ Safe Active Games that Encourage Healthy Movement


Free Great Start Readiness Program

Free GSRP Program for individuals that qualify for financial assistance.


We are 4 star rated by the state of Michigan!

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